Crafting A Cat Kick Toy with Hidden Treats

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Cat Kick Toy: A Comparison Of Non-Catnip vs. Catnip-Infused Toys

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Ball Cat Kick Toy Vs Plush Toy: A Comparative Analysis

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Top 10 Cat Kicking Toy Stuffing Recommendations

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Enhancing Your Cat Kick Toy With Catnip

Introducing catnip to a cat kick toy can significantly elevate your cat’s interest and engagement. This magical herb, known for its ability to entice and excite most cats, transforms a standard toy into an irresistible plaything. Whether crafting from scratch or enhancing an existing favorite, adding catnip promises to spice up your cat’s playtime. Join […]

Seasonal Cat Kicking Toys for Year-Round Fun

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Tips For Cleaning Your Cat Kicker Toy with Sequins

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Adding Detachable Parts To Your Cat Kicker Toy


Enhancing a cat kicker toy with detachable parts can significantly increase its entertainment value for your feline friend. This approach not only adds variety to the toy’s appeal but also prolongs its usefulness, making it a continually engaging accessory for your cat. In this blog, we’ll explore innovative and safe ways to incorporate detachable parts […]