how to teach your cat to play fetch

How to Teach a Cat To Fetch? 6 Easy Steps

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    Almost every pet owner is curious about “Can I teach my cat to play fetch?” The short answer is: Yes, some cats like to play fetch. It’s science!

    Some cats like ball toys, others might like mouse toys. Use the toy your cat really enjoys for this lesson.

    Know what things you’ll need and how to teach your cat to fetch. While it might sound hard to believe, when you understand training, your cat should quickly learn this enjoyable trick.

    How to teach your cat to fetch

    Showing your guests how your cat fetches is fun. It’s also good for your cat’s body and mind.

    For this training, we’ll use treats and positive training. This method helps grow your bond with your cat and is a solid start for teaching more tricks later.

    Things you need for training your cat to fetch.

    • Your cat’s favorite toy, we use the cat kicker toy to train.
    • Treats bag

    cat and cat kicker toy

    6 Easy steps to train your cats

    Step 1: Take your cat’s toy and roll it a short distance away. When your cat picks up the toy, click and give them a treat.

    Step 2:Repeat this 4 or 5 times so your cat learns to pick up their kicker toys.

    Step 3: When your cat picks up the toy, call them to you.

    Step 4: Keep calling your cat to you when they pick up the kicker toy until they bring it to you when asked.

    Step 5: Next time, say “fetch” when you throw the toy. Your cat should go, get it, and bring it back. Give them a special treat the first time they do it right.

    Step 6: After you start using “fetch,” stop calling them over. This helps your cat not mix up the instructions.

    Pro tip: If your cat won’t pick up the toy in their mouth at the beginning, use the toy that contains potent catnip to elicit a strong response from cats. Our cat kicker toy with high-quality catnip, it’s a great choice for training a cat to fetch.

    Is it normal for my cat to play fetch?

    Having a cat play fetch isn’t unusual, but some cats might learn it quicker. If you’ve played fetch with your cat since they were little, training them fully will be easier.

    Grown-up cats can also learn to fetch. The important thing is to use the most liked toy that they can easily carry in their mouth.

    What percentage of cats play fetch?

    In the study, about 48 percent of the cats started playing fetch by themselves, while 22 percent did it more when their owners began the game.

    Why is my cat addicted to fetch?

    Fetch fits neatly into the game cat play, which is all about practicing skills for hunting.

    Your cat might be addicted to fetch because it’s a fun and engaging activity for them.

    Cats, like humans, can develop a liking for activities that bring them joy and satisfaction, and fetch does just that for many felines.

    cat meow

    Why does my cat meow and bring me a toy?

    This behavior is totally normal. When your cat meows and gives you a toy, they might be showing you how to hunt or showing off their hunting skills. They might also want to play with you.

    If your cat is young, they’re probably trying to impress you, their “parent”, with their hunting. The toy they carry is like their prize or “catch.”

    If your cat is older, they might be teaching you hunting by showing you their catch. They could also be trying to get your attention for play.



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